martedì 10 gennaio 2017


The Spada Collection is housed in an old shoe factory, the fratelli Gidiuli, located inside Palazzo Prete in Lecce. Visiting a house-museum has the privilege, compared to traditional public museums, not to disperse, not to be overwhelmed by dozens of visitors and guides: the house-museum has the opportunity to try an instrument, discuss, exchange views ahead a cup of coffee offered by the landlord.

The collection has over 1000 instruments built by the mid-seventeenth century to the early twentieth century, as well as two small collections, a Peruvian flutes notched, pre-Columbian age, some in the barrel and other bone, and other non-European ethnic instruments. It also consists of an important iconographic and a library of more than two hundred scores, manuscripts and books musical theme: a section is dedicated to composers and bands of Puglia, with their history, and their apparel, and a particular genre, the funeral march, peculiar to the rites of Holy Week in Taranto species. Preserve the authenticity of the instrument as its manufacturer so heard where they manufactured: This work was done on some instruments were made in respect of an idea of ​​the more than functional restoration, using diagnostic techniques and targeted restoration to preserve woods, metals , glues and original paints. Through a touch screen terminal, visitors can play virtually hosted some of the tools from the collection, each piece will read a description, listen to the sound and to approach, through a short film, the posture of the player and the playing technique. The route is enriched by audio-visual projections and sound contributions; each room is equipped with teaching aids that can provide information in a comprehensible form, limiting the technical terms or at least explaining its meaning, to allow the visit even without the catalog.


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